Luis Alonso Murillo is a Costa Rica-based film and digital photographer.

Luis Alonso started his way in the world of fashion at the age of 18 with Vanity Teen Magazine, where he currently serves as Deputy Editor.

It was his love for print magazines and his participation in Vanity Teen, what eventually motivated his interest in developing this photographic genre.

He was born in November 1992 in the Cristo Rey neighborhood of Alajuela, the only child of a lower-middle-class family. He grew up with few toys, old magazines, and a small black-and-white television screen, until he got his first 35mm camera at age 7 when he was in school, a time when he began his exploration of photography.

As he grew watching his grandmother, father and mother sew, tucked between fabrics and the sound of the machine, his taste and interest for fashion was forged.

From a very young age he had his first encounters with music, as well as urban disciplines such as BMX and skateboarding in downtown Alajuela specially at the old Plaza Ferias and Cristo Rey park where a wide variety of concerts and artistic activities used to take place.

Shortly after starting high school, he received a video camera as a gift and it was there that his passion for creating images took another direction: the art of moving images.

He participated in various activities inside and outside the school creating short films, making recordings of activities such as the English Festival and other events.

He studied Computer Science at the National University for two years, however, he later chose to enroll at Universidad Técnica Nacional where he resumed one of his teenage dreams: the creation of still and moving images at the Imaging Technology school.

His work is influenced by photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark, director Harmony Korine, and photographers such as Mapplethorpe, Mike Blabac, Ed Templeton and Rick Klotz, whom he discovered through magazines such as I-D, Dazed, Thrasher & Transworld.

Even though he currently works as a Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Fashion Editor, he works in photography not only to complement his web work, but also as a way of self-expression.

Aside from his photographic work, Luis Alonso has also participated in different international projects.
Aside from his photographic work, Luis Alonso has also participated in different international projects.


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